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Furniture Manufacturing Systems

Cruze Control ERP
Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Cruze Control is systematic business integration software for upholstered furniture manufacturers.

Other applications include:

  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

What does ERP do?

  • Maximizes efficiency and productivity in all aspects of plant management
  • Links departments to each other and in activity groups simplifying cost analysis, production scheduling, sales follow-through and collection

Examples of ERP Efficiency

  • Production scheduling can insure sufficient quantities of selected fabric and raw materials
  • Human resources planning can look at pending production and schedule employees to avoid unnecessary overtime
  • Quality engineering can follow a piece through production with in-process checks confirming detailed measurements and customer options
  • Accounts receivable is alerted when a payment becomes overdue
  • Marketing and Sales can identify needed variables for trend and profitability analysis

Cruze Control Peripheral Solution

  • Online Order Entry
  • Fabric Roll Inventory
  • Piecework Ticket Barcode
  • Work In Process
  • Web Interface
  • Reporting