Cruze Computer Systems - Services

The Cruze approach to IT management employs expertise in problem-solving and teamwork while developing, engineering, installing, configuring, operating, managing networks, information assurance and information security.

Cruze’s capabilities include hardware configuration, enterprise-wide software design, email gateway management and delivery, file space storage services, hardware troubleshooting, maintenance, and help-desk support.

Cruze designs and develops Database configurations, and network operating systems (NOS) for the Web. Cruze is an IT team delivering business process solutions effectively and efficiently.

Cruze Computer Systems provides a number of services:

  • Utility Billing
  • Furniture Manufacturing Systems
  • Custom Design and Programming Support
  • Software Development
  • Information Assurance
  • Network & Enterprise Solutions
  • Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)
  • Remote Online Real-time Order Entry
  • System Engineering & Lifecycle Support
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Product Support
  • Help Desk Support
  • Training
  • Information Technology Management
  • Website Development & Management