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Cruze Utility Billing System

Cruze Computer Systems offers a complete, turnkey software solution for utility billing companies. Operating on all levels, Cruze’s Utility Billing software increases efficiencies in all aspects of business by offering a streamlined and easy-to-use system that can be customized to fit your precise needs.

We offer more than cookie-cutter software systems--we offer software customized to your needs and customer support to back it up.

Cruze’s Utility Billing Software System is a one-stop solution operating to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Customer Information Systems (CIS) & Utility Management
  • Point of Sale (POS) & Cashiering
  • General Ledger & Budgeting
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll & Personnel
  • Service Order Management
  • Accounts Payable

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Customer Information Systems & Utility Management

The Cruze Control Utility Systems Software streamlines the processes of Utility Billing. The software focuses on providing an efficient system through which to control Customer Information Systems and all aspects of Utility Billing and Management.

  • The software maintains an account history for each customer
  • Works with regular, final, estimate, contract, budget and ACH electronic billings
  • Accounts search-able based on any data field
  • Rates, taxes, and service charges can be defined and maintained by the user.
  • Rate analysis
  • Billing for utilities such as: water, sewer, sanitation, gas, electric, taxes, and other user-defined items.
  • Multiple actions for penalties and delinquent accounts
  • Meter histories maintained by customer
  • Bills available in various formats
  • Payments sortable and trackable by type
  • Bill calculator computes estimated charges